Top 5 Things to Know About LEDs

Top 5 Things to Know About LEDs


The word is out about LEDs. Once reserved for booming businesses that could afford efficient lighting, LEDs have been scaled up, and with production costs down, thrust into the limelight. Lighting choices now abound, making it difficult for lighting distributors, designers, and energy management companies to not only choose LEDs but decide where to purchase them.

Here’s why you should look to EarthTronics’ EarthBulb line of products and fixtures for all your illumination needs.

LED Lighting Pays for Itself

Our EarthBulb lamps provide over 80% in energy savings when compared to incandescents, and nearly 40% when compared to CFLs.

Many of our customers experience a strong ROI (return on investment) within the first year or two and begin incurring energy savings (and a reduction in their utility bills) immediately after making the switch to EarthTronics.

Many states, as well as the Federal Government, are still backing Utilities with legislation and mandates that drive energy rebate programs geared towards incentivizing the use of LEDs in the workplace. That, coupled with the energy savings LEDs naturally provide, make our EarthBulbs all the more attractive.

ALmost Every Light You See Has an LED Equivalent

As we release new LED lamps and fixtures that easily replace outdated lighting such as HID light bulbs and HID Highbays, it becomes increasingly simple to retrofit existing buildings and streamline new construction projects. 

Often a “one for one” lamp or fixture exchange is made, but sometimes a simple retrofit adapter can be added to the existing fixture that reduces or modifies the number of bulbs required. Additionally, “plug and play” Type A T8 LED tubes are also available, making the move towards LEDs even easier.

Consistent Coloring

Fluorescent light color and quality degrade with time, but high-quality EarthTronics  LED lighting doesn’t, retaining its quality over the entire lifespan of the bulb.  When LED is carefully engineered for both long life and color quality you can expect long-term consistency.  EarthTronics LED lamps and fixtures provide this and also emit a more natural balanced white light compared to their lighting counterparts, boosting worker health and productivity.

Longer Lasting

Our high-quality LED products can last up to 20x longer than any other artificial light source, reducing the time, cost, and effort of maintenance. EarthTronics T8 and LED fixture products boast an average lifespan of over 50,000 hours! They are the perfect replacement for convenient locations, but you really notice a difference when LEDs are used in those high or hard-to-reach spots in places like gymnasiums, warehouses, and parking garages. With our EarthBulbs and fixtures, replace the lamp once and forget about it! We also offer a 5-year LED warranty for a number of applicable bulbs.

Aesthetically Pleasing

EarthBulbs can be both energy efficient and decorative at the same time. For example, our clear filament LED bulb is 4-watt bent tip candle with a unique LED filament design making it appear like an incandescent. It’s great for use in restaurants, pubs, and office spaces that are looking to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

(Check out how EarthTronics customer Sauce Pizza and Wine used a variety of LED EarthBulbs to reduce their energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.)

Since our beginning in 2007, we’ve been dedicated to three things, the customer, the environment, and constant innovation. As LED lighting technology changes, so do we. As the needs of our customers change, so do we. We base our business on doing what’s right for the environment and helping customers make the best lighting decisions possible for their retrofits and new construction projects. If you need help deciding what kind of LED lighting design is best, contact us today. We are here to help!