Focus on Fixtures with EarthTronics

Focus on Fixtures with EarthTronics


Since 2007, EarthTronics has focused on lighting solutions that improve the bottom line for our customers, optimize energy efficiency, and reduce their overall environmental footprint. Our high-efficiency EarthBulbs check all those boxes, but it’s time to think bigger. We are going beyond the bulb to offer a wider array of fixture products to our customer base – starting with LED light fixtures.

We are committed to helping commercial businesses, warehouses, and institutions improve their energy usage whenever possible, and make it easier to secure both the LED bulb and LED fixtures from the same place. Time equals money after all, which is why we now manufacture a selection of LED lighting fixtures and accessories to set up a new lighting installation or improve utilities with a few quick retrofits.

Our goal is to be known as a single source for both LED bulbs and LED fixtures –and are well on our way. Here are just a few of our most recent products added to the EarthTronics’ line of earth-friendly LED fixtures.

LED Panel Lights & New Mini Panel LEDs feature an impact-resistant acrylic lens to achieve wide light distribution patterns. Architecturally-designed square and round LED Mini Panel LEDs are perfect for a wide range of lighting applications in offices, schools, residential, healthcare facilities and a variety of commercial settings.

LED Wall Pack series provides exterior, wide-flood area illumination for commercial, industrial and municipal facilities. It’s the latest high-efficiency fixture designed for exterior locations requiring a range of wattages, lumens and color temperatures. And we just added a new wall pack option to our family of products!

Highbay Fixtures deliver excellent energy savings compared to similar linear fluorescent and HID fixtures. While HID lamps have been the light source of choice in the past for large, high-ceiling structures, Highbay LED fixtures are the most energy efficient option available today. They focus light more directly, creating strong, long-range illumination, and are ideal for use in warehouses, recreation centers, and storage facilities.

LED Retrofits Made Easy

We wouldn’t make anything without first considering the time factor when it comes to installation and use. All our LED fixtures are manufactured to require minimal installation time, making retrofits a snap.

– Our Mini Panel LEDs install easily on 4-inch J-boxes with a unique locking design. The 5.5 and 7-inch fixtures also can be used as a retrofit for 4- and 6-inch downlight recessed fixtures with easy-to-install clips to provide a fresh look to old recessed lighting.

– Wall pack fixtures easily install on a properly anchored UL recognized junction boxes.

– EarthTronics delivers full featured, ready to install LED Highbay fixtures. They come with the 6ft SJT cord and chain hanger kit right out of the box.

Manufacturing High Quality Bulbs Lead to High Quality LED Lighting Fixtures

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with us. We have a history of rolling out highly efficient LED EarthBulbs that provide over 80% in energy savings – and our lighting fixtures are on par with the high standards we’ve already set for our products.

– Mini Panel LEDs boast a 50,000-hour rated life and are compatible with standard dimmer controls, providing even dimming from between 5 and 100 percent.

– Wall Packs have a rated life of 50,000 hours with a 10-year limited warranty. They provide over 100 watts per lumen and a high 80+ CRI!

– Highbay fixtures feature a 5000K color temperature with a high 84 CRI, providing excellent visual acuity and illumination. They also boast a rated life of up to 90,000 hours!

At EarthTronics, we aren’t known for standing still and continue to evolve based on the technological advancements of the lighting industry and the needs of our distributors. To better serve all customers, and remain in the forefront of the market when it comes to both LED bulbs and lighting fixtures, we will continue to expand our products and capabilities for years to come.

Have you used any of the fixtures featured in the post? We want your feedback! Please email us at and tell us what you think about our newest line of LED fixtures, or to request information about our products.