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Logistics and lighting lead to efficiency

Bay Logistics is a leader in the logistics marketplace, supplying transportation, warehousing and logistics services to its customers for almost three decades. While the company has changed over the past 28 years, it consistently has maintained its mission of caring about the environment. “EarthTronics LED linear T8 lamps provide excellent illumination, save us energy and are great for the environment,” Kurt Cuncannan, Chief Operating Officer of Bay Logistics said.  “You can’t beat that combination.  The installation of the LED T8’s provided 53% savings and a fantastic ROI.”  It was an excellent fit – delivering efficiency not only in energy savings but also during the install and in ongoing maintenance. The energy-efficient T8 LED linear tubes are Design Light Consortium (DLC) listed and UL rated for Type A “plug-and-play” on electronic fluorescent ballasts. You can follow the links below to learn more about the LED T8 lamps installed at Bay Logistics and also other products that are available for commercial and industrial warehouse facilities.


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These industrial products are available for warehousing.