Sauce Pizza & Wine



more sauce, less electricity

To maintain a warm inviting dining environment and lower energy costs, the Arizona restaurant chain recently converted its lighting to EarthBulb LEDs for all of its locations.  Scott Kilpatrick, CEO and President of Sauce Pizza and Wine, said, “We wanted to reduce our electricity consumption, lower our maintenance costs, and maintain the control of light levels at each of our locations.”  The switch to EarthTronics LEDs enabled them to meet those goals and allows them to concentrate on their food and our guests. “The conversion to LEDs reduced energy consumption by 80 percent overall, as well as maintenance time and costs,” said Bartelt.  “That’s a lot of pizzas.” You can follow the links below to learn more about the products that were installed at Sauce Pizza & Wine.

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EarthTronics offers a variety of LED lamps for hospitality applications.