LED Industry Series: Colleges and Universities – Exterior Lighting


College campuses are full of students burning the midnight oil. They take evening classes, participate in late night study groups, work late, and tend to have fun till the wee hours of the morning. Ensuring the safety of students and staff is the number one priority of any college or university, and EarthTronics’ LED exterior lighting can play a significant role in shaping a secure campus environment for everyone.

Energy and facility managers at today’s campuses are looking for energy solutions that increase students’ safety, reduce the college’s carbon footprint, and reduce energy/maintenance costs. LED exterior lighting is a cost effective and environmentally sound way to increase nighttime illumination and reduce campus energy usage at the same time.

Exterior Area LED Applications

New LED fixtures or retrofit projects are ideal for exterior areas that require 24/7 illumination. LED lighting designs provide superior light coverage, reduce shadows and dark patches, and can even improve the use of security cameras by rendering clearer images. They are ideal for illuminating main pedestrian walkways and bike paths because unlike traditional exterior lighting, there is no warm-up period. Once a motion sensor detects movement, that area is immediately lit, providing a flicker-free, full spectrum range of light for the those passing.

LED lighting is also ideal for parking lots and garages; their color clarity and instant function provide increased visibility and a heightened sense of security when the sun goes down. LED lamps boast a longer lifespan and represent a 70-90% reduction in energy consumption. Considering the height of parking lot poles and corners in parking garages, they also keep maintenance costs down to a minimum.

EarthTronics Exterior Lighting Solutions

EarthTronics Wall Packs

Using high intensity LED lamp heads that are energy efficient and durable, EarthTronics’ wall packs produce bright illumination across a large area in any outdoor condition – rain, snow, sleet, etc. Great for use on the perimeter of buildings to illuminate  walkways and exit doorways. Our LED wall pack series provides superior lumen maintenance, projects a clean, white light, and represents a 70-90% reduction in energy consumption.

Case in Point

Boston University

Boston University is a great example of how LED exterior lighting upgrades can impact energy usage. They recently upgraded exterior lighting on buildings all over campus by replacing metal halide bulbs with A19 LEDs. Read more here.

Princeton University

Since 2008, Princeton has been upgrading their walkways, parking lots, and parking garages to more energy efficient LED lighting applications. Using control system integration in combination with LEDs, they have drastically reduced their energy footprint. Check out the U.S. Department of Energy’s Case Study to learn more.

LED exterior lighting and design serves as a source of campus security and safety, but also provides colleges and universities with an opportunity to make sustainable choices that the environmentally conscious public has come to value and expect.

In partnership with energy management companies and campus energy managers, EarthTronics can help facilitate lasting change related to energy usage, maintenance time, and the financial bottom line.

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