EarthTronics – a Resource for Energy Management Solution Companies

As energy prices increase alongside sustainability requirements, successful facility management of industrial and commercial complexes can be a challenge. Many facility managers seek out energy management companies to provide sustainable building solutions designed to reduce energy costs.

Through using integrated lighting controls, daylight harvesting, demand response technologies, lighting control systems, and lighting retrofits are just a handful of upgrades these companies have in their repertoire. These solutions often take advantage of a building’s sensors and controls to strategically integrate every energy touchpoint, enabling facility professionals to draw meaningful insights into the energy consumption routine of their space.

Managing all aspects of the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of an energy upgrade project is no easy task. Increases in complexity and cost, greater energy use volatility and rapidly evolving technology choices (such as fast-paced advancements in the Internet of Things) means energy management solution companies must be abreast of current trends in tech and willing to invest valuable time and expertise into any energy retrofit.

EarthTronics has a history of working alongside energy management companies providing product options for easily implemented lighting solutions in commercial and industrial buildings. Our line of LED light bulbs, linear LED and LED fixtures boast a long lifespan and provide over 80% energy savings!

While we carry energy conversation options for decorative and display lighting, downlights and general area lighting, a few of our products stand out based on the ease of spec and retrofit in commercial and industrial spaces. 

— Panel lightsOur LED Panel light is constructed using an extruded aluminum frame with an attractive impact resistant acrylic lens that helps achieve a wide light distribution pattern. Ideal for use in offices, schools, healthcare and many other commercial applications, these panel lights are designed to easily replace fluorescent fixtures in retrofit or new construction projects.

— T8 & T5 BulbsEarthTronics LED Linear T8 and T5 Tube lighting is engineered for high lumen maintenance over its 50,000-hour rated lifespan. Using a simple “plug and play” option for installation, lighting upgrades have never been so easy. Compatible with instant start and program start ballasts, our selection of T5 and T8 Tube lighting provides great lighting output and is the perfect replacement for outdated fluorescent tubes.

— LED Adjustable Down Light Trim Bulb, Coming Soon: As simple as screwing in a light bulb, EarthTronics Adjustable LED Trim Kit provides a simple and quick way to upgrade recessed downlight fixtures. The screw base neck is depth adjustable to reach the fixture socket making the power connection fit snugly against the ceiling. In addition, the trim ring is replaceable and can be exchanged with other optional color and finish trim rings. Perfect for commercial applications within the hospitality industry or long-term care facilities, any downlight fixture would benefit from this upgrade.

By working with energy management companies, real-time energy monitoring becomes quick and easy. Through automated data collection, transparent energy saving solutions and clear reporting, facility managers can verify the impact of projects as soon as they are implemented.

EarthTronics, facility managers and energy management solution companies are all working towards the same goal – to provide a positive economic and environmental impact for our customers. Through our assistance, companies can customize a successful lighting retrofit that meets their clients’ needs and budgets. LED lighting upgrades increase the productivity of the staff and will significantly reduce any building’s energy consumption.

Start a conversation with us today and learn how our wide-ranging inventory can fit into your next retrofit or construction project.