Sometimes LEDS Are All You Really Need

“Lighting Design and Energy Savings.” Google that and see what you come up with. The first page pulls up a slew of tips, best practices, case studies, and strategies, all geared towards implementing design techniques and building controls that may be costly upfront, but reduce energy use in the long run and bring about significant savings. There are two things required to dig into “Lighting Design and Energy Savings” time and money. But, let’s slow down a minute and remember – sometimes LEDs are all you need!

There are a ton of lighting technology trends out there, and we’ve talked about many including:

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This can be overwhelming, especially for a small business that is tight on time and budgetary wiggle room to implement many of the extensive changes outlined in the blogs above. But, this is worth repeating – sometimes LEDs are all you need to make a big impact on your bottom line.

Simple changes can go a long way.

Don’t get dragged down by overly technical lighting plans and energy control strategies. Though completely valuable and worth it for certain businesses, just changing your current bulbs to an EarthTronics LED EarthBulb can bring about an almost immediate reduction in your utility bill and energy usage overall.

Our EarthBulb lamps provide over 80% in energy savings when compared to incandescents, and nearly 40% when compared to CFLs. Many of our customers experience a strong ROI (return on investment) within the first year or two and begin incurring energy savings immediately after making the switch to EarthTronics.

Case in point

Just last year, we completed a major retrofit for Sauce Pizza and Wine, with 11 neighborhood eateries in Arizona. They switched out their outdated bulbs for Energy Star lamps from EarthTronics saving substantial energy, while maintaining a warm and inviting dining atmosphere. Read more about their retrofit case study here.

Sauce Pizza and Wine selected Energy Star rated MR16 and BR30 EarthBulb LEDs for the dining rooms. In the open kitchen areas, they selected seven-watt PAR20 and seventeen-watt PAR38 EarthBulb LED floodlights to optimize the visual experience.

Through this simple retrofit, the restaurant chain’s CEO, Scott Kilpatrick, reported that his company was able to meet the following goals:

  • Reduce their electricity consumption.
  • Lower their maintenance costs.
  • Maintain control of light levels at each of their locations.

Lighting design isn’t an all or nothing situation and a little change can go a long way. Whether you are starting fresh with a new construction project or beginning to think about lighting retrofits in an existing structure, get ahold of the experts at EarthTronics. We can help you identify project needs and outline a simple lighting strategy that will have a major impact.

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