EarthTronics Recap: Energy Star Partners Meeting

EarthTronics Recap: Energy Star Partners Meeting


At EarthTronics, we are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest LED information, energy industry trends, and advancements. This past fall, we had the honor of attending the Energy Star Partners meeting. A meeting of the minds if you will, where Energy Star Partners came together to discuss new program initiatives, product specifications and outreach activities. It also gave companies like EarthTronics an opportunity to network with others and collaborate with like-minded, LED loving individuals.

EPA predicts widespread consumer adoption of LED lighting by 2020 if utility programs persist.

The key information presented at the meeting showed the continued impact of LED light bulbs on the environment and bottom line budgets of consumers. The data below focuses on individual home usage. But we believe strong parallels can be drawn between consumer energy usage and the impact of LED fixtures and bulbs as part of retrofits or new construction projects for building owners, facility managers, and contractors.

Here are some of our key takeaways from the meeting:

2018 is going to be a big year for lighting.

It was reported that as of 2017, market conditions have converged such that LED bulbs are poised for widespread consumer adoption. Prices are down, savings are up, and an independent certification process against rigorous performance standards is bolstering customer satisfaction.

Everyone is betting on LEDs.

Today, the millions of dollars in incentives offered in communities around the country are tied to LED lighting that meets strict performance standards designed to support broad, long-term consumer acceptance.

Quality LED light bulbs pay for themselves in a few months.

Something we have been saying forever, but a few graphics were passed around the meeting that really hit home the point.

Major manufacturers and retailers are embracing the LED light bulb.

It was reported that IKEA, who was ahead of the game in dropping incandescent bulbs in 2011, announced in 2015 that they were dropping CFLs and only selling LED lighting. Other leading U.S. retailers of light bulbs quickly followed suit. Costco shifted in-store offerings to all Energy Star certified LED bulbs, The Home Depot, and Walmart stopped buying CFLs in 2016. Change is in the air.

As an Energy Star Partner, EarthTronics has agreed to:

-Measure, track, and benchmark energy performance

-Develop and implement a plan to improve energy performance

-Educate staff and the public about our partnership and achievements with Energy Star

Interested in learning more about Energy Star? Read our blog: What is Energy Star and Why Does It Matter?

A number of our EarthBulbs are Energy Star certified, showing customers that we strive to go the extra mile to not only meet, but exceed, consumer expectations. We’ve said it once, but it warrants a repeat. Change is in the air. Take a big step towards reducing your budgetary bottom line and energy usage with EarthTronics.

If you offer lighting retrofit or new construction projects, but need help a supplier with the right mix of LED Lighting Fixtures and LED bulbs, you’ve come to the right place. Give EarthTonics a call today!