Two Birds and One Stone: Enjoy the Look and Feel of Incandescents While Incurring Dramatic Energy Savings by Switching to LEDs.

Two Birds and One Stone: Enjoy the Look and Feel of Incandescents While Incurring Dramatic Energy Savings by Switching to LEDs.


It’s well known that incandescent bulbs and LEDs are very different, but to the naked eye, they don’t have to be. Retail and commercial storefronts turn to lighting design to help shape the look and appeal of their spaces. Whether it’s bright, eye-catching task lighting or the subtle decorative glow of wall sconces that draw customers in, the right kind of illumination cannot be ignored.

Some retail and commercial managers have shied away from LEDs due to their tendency to emit a brighter, more white light than their incandescent counterparts. Looking for a softer, more relaxed glow, they sacrifice energy conservation and efficiency in the name of atmosphere. BUT, you don’t have to do that! LEDs can produce a warm and inviting glow, similar to the look and feel of incandescents, and save you energy, time, and money. Here’s how.

Purchase Dimmable LEDs

Dimmable LEDs give you the ability to control light levels and easily set the mood. The lights don’t have to be bright unless you want them that way. Dimming LEDs will increase their lifespan as well, reducing energy consumption even further!

Pay Attention to the Color Spectrum

Review a bulb’s Kelvin ratings prior to purchase. Kelvin is a measure of the bulb’s color temperature or the color of the light. LED bulbs range anywhere from 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin and in general, bulbs up to 3,000K produce warm (slightly amber) light that’s relaxing and most like an incandescent. Bulbs between 3,000K and 5000K are cooler, emit more white light, and are ideal for workspaces.  

For example, EarthTronics’ Decorative LED Filament Bulbs provide over 80% energy savings, but also have a retro look and feel perfect for cafes, restaurants, and retail stores. They maintain a 2700K color temperature, taking the look and feel of traditional bulbs and combining it with LED technology. Now, customers can reap the benefits of energy savings without sacrificing style.

Case in Point – Abigail’s American Bistro

Located in Highland Park, IL, the owner of Abigail’s American Bistro sought to maintain the original look and welcoming atmosphere of his space, while saving energy at the same time. The incandescent lighting, while providing a lovely glow, wasted energy and consistently required replacing. It was time for a change.

Abigail’s looked to EarthTronics to improve their lighting design by switching to LEDs without impacting the friendly atmosphere. The restaurant had existing small-aperture recessed downlights, as well as functional highlight uplights that required replacement LED lamps with similar light output, lamp size, and function.

The 7-W BR20 EarthBulb LED floodlight replaced all 50-W incandescent bulbs. It provides 2700K soft, white light with an 82-color rendering index (CRI) that maintains the warm atmosphere of the original design. In addition, the LEDs provide smooth dimming to 10% for easy lighting adjustments. (Read more about the restaurant’s complete lighting makeover.)

All EarthTronics products used featured a multi-chip set high-power LED with an advanced cooling system that provides a 25,000-hr. performance life reducing the need for ongoing maintenance. In the end, the LED retrofit project has a projected annual energy savings of $1,600! The owner was pleased to begin reducing the restaurant environmental footprint while maintaining a familiar, warm atmosphere for his patrons.

EarthTronics Earthbulbs are versatile alternatives to incandescent lighting – based on their energy savings, longevity and flexible illumination – they are a smart addition to any lighting retrofit or construction project.

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