500 Lumen GU10 EarthBulb LED

LGU10603D6, LGU10630D5, LGU10730D, LGU10640D5, LGU10650D5

6.5 watt GU10 EarthBulb LED bulb replaces 50 watt incandescent lamps which may provide over 80% energy savings. 3000K color of light and 5000K available, standard with 38 degree beam angle. Great for use in dimming recessed lighting, track lighting and display lighting applications. High power LED and an advanced cooling system provides for 25,000 hours of LED life. 2 pin GU10 base.

Energy Savings over life
Initial Lumens
Lumens per Watt
Color Quality
3000K, 5000K 81 CRI
LED Type
Multi-Chip, High Power
Rated Hours
25,000 hours
Reflector Diameter
Maximum Overall Length
Dimming Range
100% to <5%
UL, RoHS, Energy Star
Line Voltage
120v 60hz AC


Product Downloads

10402 LGU10603D6 Spec Sheet- LED GU10, 3000K White

10251 LGU10640D5 Spec Sheet- LED GU10, 4000K White

10404 LGU10650D6 Spec Sheet A- LED GU10, 5000K White


Prior Generation - Archive

10192 LGU10630D5 Spec Sheet- LED GU10, 3000K White

10042 LGU10730D Spec Sheet- LED GU10, 3000K White

L3GU106301BD Spec Sheet D- LED GU10, 3000K White

10277 LGU10650D5 Spec Sheet- LED GU10, 5000K White