480 Lumen A19 Bulb LED

LA19727DE, LA19750DE, LA19727D6, LA19750D6

7.5 watt A19 Omni-directional EarthBulb LED general purpose bulb provides 480 lumens and replaces 40 watt incandescent directional bulbs which may provide over 75% energy savings.  2700K color of light is standard. Great for use in table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconce, and task lighting applications. Multi-Chipset LED and an advanced cooling system provides for 25,000 hours of LED life. Medium screw base. May be used in fully enclosed fixtures.

Energy Savings $90
Initial Lumens 480 Watts 7.5
Color Temperature 2700K, 5000K Line Voltage 120v 60hz AC
Color Rendering 81 CRI LED Type Multi-Chipset
Energy Star  25,000 hrs. Max. Overall Length 4.10"
Certifications  UL, RoHS FCC Compliance Yes


10268 LA19727D6 CP Spec Sheet Commercial Package - Soft White

10269 LA19750D6 CP Spec Sheet Commercial Package - Daylight



10272 LA19727D6 Bulk Pkg Spec Sheet Commercial Package - Soft White


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