Multiple LED Products for Multi-Use Spaces


Within today’s urban landscape, the line between commercial, residential, and retail space development is blending. Multi-use spaces that include a mixture of storefronts, condos, and companies are not just a trend, but an urban planning strategy meant to build vibrant community connections and cultivate a strong sense of place.

Contractors and construction companies that specialize in renovating, remodeling, or building new commercial, multi-use spaces are only as effective as they are efficient. Trusting one source for a variety of your building needs is a great way to compress your construction schedule and ensure uniformity in design throughout the space.

EarthTronics is the resource you’ve been looking for. We can provide contractors with a wide array of LED bulbs and lighting fixtures that help building owners not only capitalize on energy savings but receive better pricing and reduce the red tape associated with managing multiple vendors.

PAR and BR LED EarthBulbs are a great addition to any multi-use space. They boast a longer life than their halogen and incandescent counterparts (25,000 hours) and provide between 80 and 85% in energy savings. PAR and BR bulbs are both LED lights, meaning they exhibit similar energy saving characteristics, but can be used in different ways to enhance the lighting within multi-use developments.

EarthTronics’ LED BR Bulbs

Reflector (or BR) bulbs are lamps with “wide flood” beam angles, which means they provide more than a 45-degree angle when lighting an area. They deliver soft-edged, directional light and are typically found in general household or retail light fixtures such as recessed can lighting and track lighting.

BR bulbs are the best choice when a wide pattern of light is needed within a hallway, common reception space, or over a countertop. They work well in recessed downlights providing a nice wide angle for illumination. Light emitted from these bulbs is less precise with a reduced shadow and they are considered an ideal pairing with dimmer switches. They are more rounded than PAR bulbs and come in a frosted, patterned coating that can bring an added element of design to any space.

EarthTronics’ LED PAR Bulbs

Parabolic Reflector Bulbs (PAR) are lamps with “spot light” features, meaning they provide a beam that is generally less than 45 degrees. They deliver a strong, narrow directional light and tend have a more distinctive start and end of the beam width. The lens doesn’t allow the light to spread much further than the angle of the beam spread.

-These bulbs are great when you are seeking a single beam of light to focus on an object or space; tracking lighting, for example, would be an ideal application.

-These bulbs are shorter than BR bulbs with a flatter lens, meaning they sit higher in the fixture, making the bulb harder to see (a desirable effect in some cases) and reduces unwanted glare.

-PAR bulbs work indoors, but are also made to withstand harsh outdoor elements. They can be used as security lighting or to illuminate a specific portion of the exterior architecture.

EarthTronics’ LED Decorative Bulbs

Our line of LED decorative bulbs add aesthetic appeal and bring a warm, inviting glow to any space. Ideal for accent and decorative lighting applications, our bulbs are designed for use in chandeliers, lamps, wall sconces, and ceiling fans, as well as outdoor fixtures.

Bulbs such as these are generally placed in hard to reach spaces (like high chandeliers), but our line of LED decorative bulbs have a 25,000 hour life span – so you don’t have to deal with bulb replacement at all. Low maintenance and energy efficiency, that’s what you get with our products.

NEW LED Bulbs & Fixtures Coming at LightFair 2017

We not only specialize in high efficiency bulbs, but also offer a wide array of light fixtures such as LED panel lights and wall packs. We also plan to unveil several additional fixtures at the upcoming LightFair 2017 so stay tuned!

As you begin your next mixed-use building development, consider choosing EarthTronics as your one stop lighting products supplier. We have the selection and inventory available to suit all your lighting needs at competitive prices. Make your next project easier and buying more efficient with us.

Check out our catalog of LED Lighting Products or contact us today for more details.