LEED Certification – Well Known Buildings in West Michigan

Over the years, the city of Grand Rapids has made significant efforts to become more sustainable. In 2010, Grand Rapids was named among the top five cities within the United States for their number of LEED-certified buildings. When discussing sustainability, the first things that come to mind are often recycling, water use, using energy from renewable sources, and the effort to cut back on the utilization of fossil fuels. One major innovation among cities to improve sustainability is the creation and use of LEED-certified buildings.

The acronym “LEED” stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”. LEED certification is one of the highest sustainability certifications that a building can receive in the effort to be more green, and these buildings are growing steadily each year in popularity. LEED building certifications involve a rating system for the construction, operation, design, maintenance, and sustainability of green buildings and homes, with the goal of helping make urban areas more environmentally sustainable and efficient.

Many of the points available for a building to become LEED certified involve having energy efficient lighting within the building. Many of the points for LEED certification involve how lighting plays a role in minimum energy performance, optimized energy performance, light controls, light pollution reduction, and mercury content in lighting. Using the innovative energy efficient and sustainable LED products from EarthTronics can improve a building’s scores in all of these areas, thus helping the building and its companies work towards earning their LEED certification.

The efforts made by the city of Grand Rapids did not plateau in 2010, as in 2014 the U.S. Green Business Council (USGBC) recognized the Greater Grand Rapids area as having the most LEED fellows per capita within the United States. The Grand Rapids’ Downtown Market was also the first project in the United States to receive the USGBC’s Urban Agriculture credit as one of the first urban markets in the country to receive LEED gold status. With a number of other buildings that were first in the world to achieve a LEED certification for their style or industry, Grand Rapids has acted as an innovator and supporter of LEED buildings. Even the schools within Grand Rapids are on their way to becoming LEED-certified, with six of the nine green schools being already LEED-certified.

If the sustainability efforts weren’t already impressive enough, Grand Rapids boasts hosting the building that has the highest LEED certification in the world. A small brick office on Second Street NW is the LEED certification champion. Catalyst Partners and M Retail Solutions reside within this quaint, 95-year-old office building that possesses a LEED Platinum certification from the USGBC and earned 66 out of the 69 potential points that LEED buildings can be awarded. Those 66 points were enough to earn this building the bragging rights of being the highest rated LEED building in the world.

At EarthTronics, we believe in creating innovative lighting solutions that deliver high quality and sustainability. Whether you need decorative and display lighting, downlights, or general area lighting, LED products by EarthTronics provide increased efficiency and a positive environmental and economic impact. To learn more about how EarthTronics can help your building and company become more energy efficient or work towards their LEED certification, contact us today.