LED Industry Series: Colleges and Universities – Interior Lighting

There are a variety of cost-effective ways to reduce energy use, but it’s hard to top a lighting retrofit. In our last post, we focused on how LED lighting can positively impact the exterior illumination of a college campus by improving student safety and lowering operational expenses, but now let’s look at the interior side of things.  

Energy usage within a college or university varies depending on the size and design of the institution. Operations and facility managers should understand the lighting requirements of drastically different spaces, such as classrooms, lecture halls, cafeterias, labs, libraries, and gymnasiums (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg). Creating a safe and comfortable space that’s conducive to learning is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. 

LED Lighting Retrofit

 A simple lighting retrofit can help achieve significant reductions in energy and maintenance costs while improving on-campus visual experiences for students and faculty. Comparatively speaking, LEDs are often brighter, use less wattage, and last longer than any fluorescent bulb (up to 10 years in a new fixture). LEDs also generate less heat (reducing HVAC costs) and don’t emit harmful UV light, reducing eye fatigue.

When you make the switch to LEDs, students and staff enjoy improved visibility in classrooms, offices, and common areas, leading to a more happy and productive experience. Instant-on LEDs can also assist with building security when used in conjunction with occupancy sensors, emitting a bright light as soon as someone enters the room. Recent advances in lighting technology also allow building managers to adjust the color temperature of the light, making the lighting environment completely customizable.

EarthTronics LED Options

Large, airy spaces within colleges and universities such as auditoriums, fitness centers, and gymnasiums would benefit from a Highbay LED lighting upgrade. While HID lamps have been the light source of choice in the past for large, high-ceiling structures, Highbay LED fixtures are the most energy efficient option available today. They focus light more directly, creating strong, long-range illumination. Our Highbay LEDs deliver excellent energy savings. Featuring 5000K color temperature and 84 CRI, they provide over 50% in energy savings and have a rated life of up to 90,000 hours!

A great general lighting option for table lamps, floor lamps, wall sconces, and task lighting is our A-19 Omni-directional LED EarthBulb. A general purpose bulb, it provides a great amount of evenly distributed light and replaces the 40 watt to 100 watt incandescent directional bulb, providing over 75% in energy savings!

Easy Fixes

Perfect for use in offices and schools, our dimmable LED Flat Panel Lights have been designed to easily replace fluorescent fixtures. Their aluminum frames, coupled with impact resistant acrylic lenses, provides classrooms with a wide, aesthetically pleasing light distribution pattern.

EarthBulb LED Linear T8 and T5 Tube lighting offers a simple “plug and play” option for installation, making lighting upgrades quick and easy. Our line of linear tube lighting offers a 50,000-hour rated life-span and can replace metal halide, T12, and other lower performing fluorescent bulbs, providing colleges and universities a significant energy savings without much effort involved.

From low ceiling offices and classrooms, to spacious gymnasiums and lecture halls, LED lighting offers energy efficient solutions that are virtually maintenance free, bringing a rapid return on investment and dynamic illumination for campus residents and visitors.

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