EarthTronics Highbay LED Fixtures – The Best Choice for Warehouse Lighting

EarthTronics Highbay LED Fixtures – The Best Choice for Warehouse Lighting


Back in January, we posted a blog that highlighted how LED retrofits can easily change the look and feel of a warehouse or manufacturing facility, not to mention your monthly utility bill. In it, we highlighted EarthTronics high lumen, HID replacement LEDs, but you know us; we don’t sit still for long! And 8 months later, we unveiled an even better HID alternative, the EarthTronics Highbay Fixture.

Benefits of LED lighting in warehouse and manufacturing facilities:

– LEDs optimize worker performance. Uniform light conditions reduce fatigue and eye strain in workers, and LEDs also generate a more natural light leading to an increase in productivity.

– LED light bulbs have lower wattage, so they use less power. They also don’t become as hot as older HID highbay alternatives.

– They are more resistant to damage and with an elongated life span (on average, over 50,000 hours of continuous use) they are essentially maintenance-free. LED systems also use 60% less energy to deliver the same or better illumination.

Case in point: Bay Logistics

Our most recent EarthTronics Case Study highlights Bay Logistics and their switch from metal halide, to fluorescents, to LEDs.

– At its Spring Lake facility, Bay Logistics replaced its antiquated metal halide fixtures with T8 fluorescent fixtures and eventually EarthTronics’ energy efficient, smooth-dimming, 15-watt T8 LED linear tubes that deliver 146 lumens per watt, producing 2200 lumens.

– It was an excellent fit, delivering efficiency not only in energy savings but also during installation and in ongoing maintenance.

– The company immediately began saving over 50% of its lighting-related energy and anticipated an excellent return on investment with payoff in less than 18 months from installation. 1900 fluorescent lamps consuming 32 watts each were replaced with 15 watt LED T8 lamps that provided 53 percent energy savings. 

The best LED lighting choice for warehouses: LED Highbay fixtures.

Highbay lights are usually the fixture of choice in large, cavernous spaces such as warehouses, stadiums, music halls, and gymnasiums. Old HID highbay light sources traditionally include metal halide and high-pressure sodium fixtures. These lighting options are now considered inefficient and cost prohibitive.

EarthTronics’ new Highbay LED Fixtures:

– Deliver excellent energy savings compared to similar linear fluorescent and HID fixtures.

– Feature a 5000K color temperature with a high 84 CRI, providing excellent visual acuity and illumination.

– These new fixtures deliver over 50% in energy savings and boasts at a rated LED life of up to 90,000 hours and is backed up by a 50,000 hour product warranty.  

New warehouse lighting alternatives, like EarthTronics Highbay LED Fixtures, reduce energy consumption, lower utility bills, reduce your maintenance costs, and provide a higher caliber of lighting for employees! Make the switch today and experience energy savings almost immediately.

Learn more about EarthTronics’ lighting solutions and our newest LED Highbay Fixtures by contacting us, we are available to answer any questions and help you with your next lighting retrofit or construction project.