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  Everyone is betting on LEDs. Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting products are fast becoming the lighting solution of choice in both residential and commercial applications. With a quick turn-around on investment, reduction in energy consumption, lower utility bills, and reduced maintenance requirements, it’s no wonder LED related lighting products have been flooding the market Continue Reading

Introduces High-Definition Adjustable LED Color Changing Panels for Precise Color Temperature and Light Levels

These LED Color Changing Panels Offer Precise Color Temperature and Light Levels New fixtures offer architects, designers, specifiers and facility managers the ability to easily set lighting for education, retail and commercial applications Muskegon, Michigan (March 6, 2018) – EarthTronics, dedicated to developing innovative energy-efficient lighting products that provide a positive economic and environmental impact, Continue Reading

“Lighting Design and Energy Savings.” Google that and see what you come up with. The first page pulls up a slew of tips, best practices, case studies, and strategies, all geared towards implementing design techniques and building controls that may be costly upfront, but reduce energy use in the long run and bring about significant Continue Reading

What is Human Centric Lighting?

Human Centric Lighting (HCL), also known as circadian lighting, or lighting for health and wellbeing, is a hot topic amid lighting designers and scientific researchers alike. The basic idea behind what some would regard as a philosophy is this: since the dawn of electric light, humans have been able to “see” whenever they want to. Continue Reading

LED Lighting for Cafes & Coffee Shops

Almost anyone can make a decent cup of coffee at home, or pick up a scone at a local grocery store, so what is it about coffee shops that make them so appealing? Cafes and coffee shops are about more than a hot beverage or pastry, they create a certain ambiance or experience where customers Continue Reading

Whether you’re beginning a new construction project, working through renovations, or simply coordinating a lighting retrofit, recessed down lighting can be an important element in both the function and style of the space, if used properly.   What is recessed lighting?  Recessed lighting refers to a light fixture set into the ceiling or wall. Many Continue Reading

ET LED Lighting's Impact on LEED Certification - Blog Image

  When someone says that a certain building is “LEED Certified”, what does that mean exactly? In a nutshell, it means that building is green, or healthy, highly efficient, sustainable, and cost-saving. All things that EarthTronics feels passionate about as we work to manufacture EarthBulb LED light bulbs that are in line with the LEED Continue Reading

A Reflection on 2017 …

2017 came and went so fast. We blinked and it was gone! As we reflect back on 2017 and review our goals outlined at the start, there’s a real sense of pride shining through EarthTronic’s headquarters, because we followed through and pushed some key initiatives forward in a big way. LED Fixture Focus Since our Continue Reading

EarthTronics Recap: Energy Star Partners Meeting   At EarthTronics, we are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest LED information, energy industry trends, and advancements. This past fall, we had the honor of attending the Energy Star Partners meeting. A meeting of the minds if you will, where Energy Star Partners came together to discuss Continue Reading

Illuminate the Holiday Season with LED Christmas Lights   Not sure if you can tell, but we really like electricity. As a manufacturer and distributor of durable, long-lasting LED EarthBulbs, that makes sense, right? And even though we don’t produce an EarthTronics line of Christmas lighting options (yet), oh, how we love them. Especially the Continue Reading

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